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Trip to Spain

Booking with Lauren was seamless! All we needed to do was tell her when we were arriving and when we were leaving. The meal selections gave us such a great overview of the Barcelona culture and she provided us with less tourist populated locations to have a more eclectic experience.  We couldn't have asked for a better trip in Barcelona.

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Trip to Las Vegas

Lauren Cirkot completely changed my life. If I hadn't taken a chance and booked the trip to Vegas, I would have never lived out my own "Tangled" fairy tale moment at the Rise Festival. I will forever be grateful for Lauren's passion for travel and sharing the world with others. It truly is life changing.  

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Trip to Nashville

I'm heading to Nashville Tennessee in a couple days, and I recently booked a bucket list trip to Washington DC. I wouldn't have done it without your influence and inspiration. I saw how much traveling positively affected your life, and I needed to follow your lead. Thanks for all the great ideas and travel tips!

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Trip to Florida

Lauren knows so much about travel that she helped me book an unexpected flight to Florida. She helped me realize that I'm young and need to travel as much as I can. She also helped me realize how therapeutic it can be. 


Even though the flight was being booked late she helped me get a flight at a 1/3 of the price I was willing to budget. 


I don't book without Lauren!

consultation options

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$25 Email

Ask me 3 questions about an upcoming trip, or advice on how to book a trip. Receive detailed responses within 48 hours.


After you submit payment, you can send your most pressing travel questions via email to

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$60 Call

Schedule a 45-minute Skype/phone consultation. Let's go over your budget, travel type, interests and destination.  I'll even give you my itinerary template.

After you submit payment, you can schedule via email

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Itinerary Creation

Allow me to do the research and planning for you. I'll help you find your flight, accommodations, and schedule your daily activities. 

Subject to availability



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