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I’m Lauren, and I'm really excited that you found me. I'm looking forward to going on amazing adventures together.




You're in the right place if you...

  • inspired by getting out of your comfort zone

  • value experiences over material things

  • aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and honest with me

  • don’t limit yourself, or you want to break down those walls

  • believe mental health and self-care are important

  • are on a journey to live out your truth

  • want to make the earth a better place

  • believe in being kind to others

I look forward to having you along for the journey…now let’s get to crossing items off the bucket list! What’s first on yours?


Cheers, Salut, Salud,


My mission and purpose


My mission is to help people find more adventure in their life through travel, career, and lifestyle choices.


I want to help you get into a career that's fulfilling.

I want to help you become a digital nomad.

I want to help you focus on your strengths and let me take care of your social media needs.


I want to get you out of your comfort zone, so you can grow as a person.

I want to help you accomplish your goals.

I want to get you seeing life from new perspectives daily.


I want you to cross off that bucket list.

I want to help you plan your dream trip.

I want to help you explore the world. 

My story:


I’m from small town in Connecticut, USA and lived there pretty much all my life with my parents and cats. I went to Iona College, earned a degree in Mass Communications and returned home, and landed a job in the corporate world as a digital marketer. During those years I owned a music blog and clothing line (Hot Band Boys/HBB Clothing). I was working full time and pursuing my music blog full time for a few years when I hit a difficult wall with my health in 2014. It took some time before my health questions were answered and I was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE).


The diagnosis changed things for me in my life, and I decided it was best to take things easy to improve my health, since stress was a trigger for reactions. One of the ways I slowed down was to take my first trip to Europe in 2014 and visited Amsterdam, London, Edinburgh and Dublin.

That’s where the travel bug really bit me.


After this, I was hooked on finding travel deals and couldn’t wait to board the next plane. I’d often draw up sample itineraries when I had downtime at work. I wouldn’t rest easy until I knew I had a trip or two booked. Eventually I was going on 3 great trips per year.


One thing I noticed when I traveled was that my stress completely melted away. My nails would grow, my acne would disappear, and I would even lose weight. Travel became a type of therapy for me, and the refreshment and excitement of a new place helped clear my mind and free my soul. I craved to have that feeling 100% of the time.


Pretty soon I had visited over 25 countries, started attending travel conferences, looking for travel agent jobs, and researching how to start my own travel blog.


In September 2018 I started seeing a therapist because I was gaining a lot of weight, started having panic attacks, and was more stressed than ever at work. My goal in seeking help through therapy was to lower my stress levels, find healthy ways to deal with stress when it did arise, and develop a plan for what my next move in life should be. I did NOT want to trigger my EOE any more than necessary.


Remember how I said that traveling was where I felt the least stressed? Yeah. Just talking out loud with my therapist really solidified that I needed to make a life change. It was TERRIFYING to consider making the change and giving up a comfortable and secure position. I even had a promotion coming down the pipeline.


In January 2019, I rung in the New Year in Barcelona, and it was there I realized I needed to make a change – and fast.  Spain in general is known for their laid-back way of life and to me, that sounded like a dream. I dreaded the thought of returning home to my comfortable (but passionless) corporate job, and it was undeniable to me that I needed share my life and adventures with others.  I shared my news with one of my best friends Kelly, who also was on the Barcelona trip, and she revealed how she, too, wanted a change in her life, and it was one of her dreams to move to Spain.


In that instant, we decided to move to Spain together.

On March 29, 2019, I said goodbye to the corporate life after 6 years, started my own business and moved to Valencia, Spain.

Of course, the pandemic hit and I moved back to the US in June 2020. 

I continue to run my business here while planning trips abroad.

My goal is to own property in Europe and live a bi-coastal lifestyle.

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